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WYSA offers various clinics for hockey players throughout the calendar year. For more information about each program, please click a title link below. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Learn To Skate & Play

Goalie Skills


Learn to Skate & Play

The Learn to Skate & Play ("LTSP") program is an introduction to the sport of ice skating, with an option to learn and experience the basics of ice hockey. Led by professional hockey instructors from the Tier1 Hockey School, children will be taught basic skating skills. As they progress in ability and confidence, they will transition to learning basic hockey skills. The aim of the program is to provide a fun environment for all participants to become capable skaters, and progress to playing hockey, if desired, at their own pace.

Program Structure
During the initial sessions of the program, children will be grouped together based on their skating ability. We will use colored helmet stickers to identify them as follows: 

"Craters" - new or inexperienced skaters who need a balance aid, e.g., a crate
"Skaters" - skaters who can stand without a balance aid
"Beginners" - skaters just beginning to develop a proper skating stride
"Advanced Beginners" – skaters who demonstrate basic control of skating, stopping, and edge turns

During each session, multiple learning "stations" with be setup for each ability group, to maximize the opportunity for skaters to receive instruction. As the program moves forward, the exercises used within each station will be adapted so all skaters continue to increase both their skills and confidence. As skaters advance, they will be moved to new groups as appropriate, with the goal that all participants are at least "Beginners" by the end of the program.

Hockey sticks will be introduced to skaters as instructors deem appropriate, with corresponding exercises to begin teaching players basic hockey skills such as stick handling.


Dates & Times
The LTSP program is held on Sundays, beginning Nov. 26, 2017 and running for 15 weeks through Mar. 18, 2018. No sessions will be held Dec. 24, 2017 or Dec. 31, 2017. Each session is one hour, from 11:50 AM to 12:50 AM. If an extra week is needed, i.e., due to bad weather cancellations, there will be a session on Sunday Mar. 25th, 2018.


The program runs at Hockeytown in Saugus, MA. The facility is located on the south-bound side of Route 1. For directions, please click this link.


There are 3 steps to register for the LTSP program. Please note you must register in advance - no registrations will be allowed at the first session of the program at Hockeytown on 11/27/16.

  1. Create a WYSA Member Account - This free account on our website provides access to program registrations, automatic schedule notifications, and other benefits. You only have to create a Member account once - just click on the "New Account" link near to top right of the website home page, or use this link:
  2. Register for the Learn-To-Skate-&-Play Program - After successfully submitting the New Member Account form, you will be automatically logged into the WYSA website. The next step is to actually register for the LTSP program. You do this by clicking the "Learn to Skate & Play" link under the "Register" link in the main navigation bar. You'll see a table with the two options for the program: player does/does not need a balance aid to skate (screen shot below). Click the desired option, and complete the registration form.

    Please try to be accurate when selecting the appropriate option for your child.

  3. Register with USA Hockey - After completing the LTSP program registration, you must also register your child with USA Hockey. This is done annually, and is required for all WYSA participants (players, coaches, volunteers, etc.). The cost supports USA Hockey and MA Youth Hockey, as well as insurance costs. Registration can be done at After completing the registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Please forward this message immediately to our WYSA Registrar at, as proof that your child is registered with USA Hockey. Please note that NO ONE will be allowed on the ice at LTSP sessions without proof of USA Hockey registration, for insurance reasons.


Waiting List
The LTSP program has an upper limit to the number of skaters who can register for each option. If you wish to participate and find that there is no space available, you may join the program Waiting List by emailing WYSA President Brian Casey at Please include the following information in your message:

- Parent name and contact information (phone, email)
- Child name and age
- Child skating experience and ability, e.g., never been on ice skates (not inline skate!) and needs a balance aid, skated a few times so may need balance aid, skated many times so no aid needed, etc.


Please have your child dress in warm clothing, e.g. snow pants and sweat shirts. In addition, every child should have single-blade hockey or figure skates, a HECC-approved hockey helmet with face mask, & warm, protective gloves or mittens.

All skaters who progress to Learn to Play hockey will need a full set of protective gear. This includes hockey gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, and knee pads. You may contact Bill Welch at or (617) 306-1706 for loaner sets of protective equipment.


Session Guidelines
To have the best experience for you and your child, we recommend following these guidelines:


Refund Policy
If your child does not attend any of the sessions, or wants to drop out after 2-3 sessions, you will be issued a full refund of the WYSA program, minus any fees (banking or registration-based). After 4 sessions, only partial refunds will be available, and will be issued on a case-by-case basis. Note that missed sessions due to other commitments does not result in a reduced rate, nor consideration for a refund.

Please note that USA Hockey Registration fees are not refundable.


Tier I Hockey School
For over 15 years, the Tier I Hockey School has been offering training and guidance in all aspects of skating. Their programs are designed to work on the development of skating skills eventually leading to a basic foundation providing the necessary techniques to skate with a high degree of confidence and lead towards the development of hockey skills. The TI staff is comprised of male and female instructors, who are still involved in competitive levels of hockey. The instructors have been trained and educated to understand the philosophy and methods of teaching that Founder and Lead Instructor Jamie Boyle has developed and are committed to offering the best program possible, so each participant will be able to enhance their overall skills.


Mike Geragosian's All-American Goalie Clinic

About the owner / Lead instructor:
Mike Geragosian has directed the All American Goalie Camp for over 21 years. Our staff reflects our teaching philosophy and the international flavor that the All American Goalie Camp is recognized for.

Mike Geragosian, one of the most experienced and technical goaltender coaches, has developed several professional players and college All-Stars. Presently, Mike is the Goalie Coach at Hockey East's Boston University and is Director of Goaltending for USA Hockey - MA. He consults goaltenders and coaches at all levels throughout the nation. In addition to his present affiliation with Boston University, Mike has also coached at Merrimack College, UMass Lowell, and Princeton University. He is a national consultant for professional, college, and USA Hockey. Mike has his Masters degree and has been an educator for over 25 years.

An All-East goaltender himself, Mike continues to produce the finest collegiate goaltenders in the country. Several of his protégés have become All-American goaltenders and have played at the professional level for Calgary, Winnepeg, Pittsburg, and Buffalo.

Mike's hard work philosophy, along with his personal teaching methods, has developed several goaltenders playing at all levels. Mike instructs over 500 goaltenders annually. He has also been an asset to several college head coaches and professional scouts by recruiting goaltenders for their squads. Overall the U-Lowell "Hall of Famer" and ECAC record holder invites you to camp to learn all aspects of goaltending!

Schedule- 2017 - 2018 Season
Begins Sunday 9/10 at 10am, in Holland Arena in Woburn
Limited to 8-9 goaltenders per session
Full time WYSA goaltenders are top priority.
Players wanting to learn can attend if there are open slots.


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