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1)     What is the difference between American and National Conferences in Valley League (VL)?

There is no difference between American & National Conferences, it's for naming purposes only. Both conferences include teams playing 35 game season & teams playing 45 game season. Standings are based on winning percentages & not points.  All teams make the playoffs.

2) At the end of the season will each team within a division end up having played the same number of games?

Yes, except for mites, where there are American and National teams mixed together.

3)  The names of our teams on VL are different from is there a particular logic behind the new name assignments?

The Valley League (VL) has classified all teams as Elite, AAA, AA or A within each age group.  After each realignment, a team may be moved to a different division (ie AAA to AA), however their name would not change again to avoid further confusion.  That is why you may see AAA and AA teams in the same division. 

4) In the “full standings” there is and RPI #, what does that mean?

The RPI is a ranking system used within each division; the higher the RPI the better the team is ranked.  It is used to rank teams when the VL is trying to determine if a team needs to be moved to another division (it takes into account strength of schedule, scores, etc).  Once a team is moved to another division, however the RPI is no longer meaningful until you play games in your new division.  It is not used at all for standings, playoff seedings, etc- it is only used internally by the VL to put teams in the correct divisions to keep play competitive.

5) When do Valley League playoffs begin?

Playoffs typically begin in late March and end before Easter Sunday.

6) How do I download my team's schedule onto my iphone?

 Click on "teams" and choose your team from the pull down menu.

Choose "schedule" from pull down menu.
 On the right, above the schedule that now shows, click on iCal.
To the left of your teams name and the current year season box, is a white box that says subscribe. Click this and choose download.
Now you must click the red subscribe button, which is to the right of your team name and the current year's season box.
You will now see a screen that lists the number of events that were downloaded in the upper right corner gives you the chance to "add all" to your iPhone calendar or you may choose individual events to add.

7) What are Playdowns?  

During the month of March each year, Massachusetts Hockey conducts State Tournaments at each level (see level classifications below). Mass Hockey breaks the state into 10 districts - WYSA is considered a part of District 10 –Middlesex County.  Each District Champion advances to the State Tournament. On occasion, a District Tournament Runner Up also advances to the State tournament, but typically just the District Champion.  For those teams fortunate enough to advance, it can be a truly great experience for players and parents.  

In order to determine the District champ, each of the ten Districts conducts what are called "Playdowns".  For each district, all of the teams that enter the playdown for that particular district play hockey games in a tournament. The number of Playdown games is simply a function of how many teams from other Programs within District 10 sign up for the Playdowns. The Playdowns are a single elimination tournament.  You have to win to advance to the next round.

District 10 Playdowns have traditionally been over Martin Luther King weekend.  The games and venues are set by the District Registrar and games typically cannot be rescheduled.  WYSA will work with existing league games to take care of any existing conflicts.  All WYSA teams are entered into the Playdowns as WYSA feels all players should have the opportunity to participate.  Teams are expected to show for their game.  The District takes it very serious if a team is a no-show and will impose a heavy fine on the association.  A no-show can also impact another WYSA team's participation in the State Tournament should they advance.  WYSA typically covers the costs of the first playdown game for all teams as part of the tuition (see financial contract).  Subsequent games, should a team advance, would be the responsibility of the team to pay.  Generally, each player on the team pays about $10-$20 towards the game depending on the cost that year.  Game fees must be paid in advance of the game.

The teams can only play the players officially listed on their rosters (no call ups from lower teams).  In addition, each Coach must meet the coaching certification requirements as well. Coaches who are not “patched” at the appropriate level will not be allowed on the bench.  Coaches must have their CEP levels up to date by 12/31 of the current season.  No player or coach will be allowed on the bench if they are not listed on the official, stamped USA roster.  Any changes that need to be made to the roster prior to playdowns must be approved by the WYSA board and require certain fees to the District. 

The Mass Hockey State tournaments are for different levels broken down as follows:

• Mites. There is no State Tournament at the Mite Level.

• Squirts  

• Peewees  

• Bantams  




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