Wakefield Youth Skating Association
P.O. Box 281
Wakefield, Ma. 01880

Outdated Bylaws - Superceded by the July 2000 revisions.
Article I - Name

This organization shall be known as the Wakefield Youth Skating Association Inc. and may comprise any amateur hockey club, skating teams, clinics, or classes as may be deemed necessary to obtain the following objectives.

Article II - Objective

(A) The objective of the Wakefield Youth Skating Association Inc. shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community, both boys and girls, the ideals of good sportsmanship, while attaining quality skills for the safe and healthy execution of ice sports.

(B) The objective will be achieved by providing supervised competition and instruction in games applicable to Ice sports. The supervisors and personnel of the association shall bear in mind that at all times the attainment of good sportsmanship, athletic skills, while increasing the children’s self esteem is more important then winning games.

Article III - Government

(A) The members of the Wakefield Youth Skating Association Inc., shall be governed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of all officers, the immediate past-president and the directors of the following programs: Instructional Mite, Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, bantam, Midget Jr. A and Clinic (if the program exists).

(B) All members of The Wakefield Youth Skating Association that are "members in good standing"(see Article VI) may attend and participate in all regular open meetings. "Members in good standing" may also attend, participate and vote at elections during the annual meeting.

(C) At the annual meeting the membership shall elect officers of the board and Board directorships as described in (D).

(D1) All board positions shall hold a term of 2 years, with voting of individual positions taken place in alternating years. The President, Vice President, Clinic, Mite, Peewee and Midget positions will be voted on in odd years, and the Secretary, Instructional Mite, Squirt, and Bantams positions will be voted on in even years.

(D2) The treasurer shall be appointed by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors for a 2 year term within 30 days of the annual meeting. The treasurers position will follow the same election schedule as the Secretary.

(E) In order to allow the proper yearly cycles to take effect the following positions for the 1999 elections will only hold a one year term: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Mite, Peewee and Midgets

(F) The Board of Directors shall determine all policy matters and make such reasonable rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the objectives of this organization.

(G) Vacancies on the Board except for President and Treasurer (reference (D)) shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Such vacancies must be advertised two (2) consecutive Thursdays before the next board meeting so that a formal presentation of applications and nominations may be made before the board members present at the next announced meeting.

(H) The appointed Board members shall serve the duration of the term of the individual being replaced.

(I) The Vice President assumes the duties of the President in the event of the Presidents resignation or other reasons for vacating that office. The Vice President will hold the President position until elections are held at the next annual meeting.

(J) The Board of Directors shall have control of the property and management of the organization. Funds of the organization shall be withdrawn from the bank of banks with which they are on deposit by the signature of the duly elected Treasurer or his alternate as designated by the Board of Directors.

(K1) High School Coach Membership:
The Wakefield High School Varsity hockey coach shall be a member of the Association. General Membership privileges will be extended each year by the invitation of the Board of Directors at their first meeting.

(K2) The current High School Hockey boys and girls coaches shall be invited to act as an adviser working in conjunction with the coaching coordinator (if a position is filled) and or division directors.

(K3)The special advisor may meet with the coaching coordinator and or directors in order to assist in developing a teaching method for the coaches.

Article IV - Meetings

(A) The Board Of Directors will have 13 scheduled meetings per year. Said meetings shall be conducted the second Monday of each month, except for the Annual meeting which will be the 3rd Monday in May.

(B) Notice of the annual meeting, a listing of the election ballots for officers, and directors will be mailed to each member no more than 30 days but no less than 15 days prior to the meeting date.

(C) The 12 regular scheduled meetings will have Six (6) meetings open to the membership, and six (6) meetings closed. Even month meetings will be closed, and odd month meetings open.

(D) Agenda’s of each meeting will be made available in advance (call the President or Secretary). To get on the agenda call the president 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

(E) Minutes of each meeting will be available upon request and posted on the WYSA webpage.

(F) Additional meetings may be called by the President or requested of the President by a minimum of (3) Members of the Board, or 10 members in good standing.

(G) The Election of Officers, and Board Of Directors will take place at the Annual meeting.

(H) Only members in good standing may attend or vote at any association meeting including the annual meeting.

(I) At the annual meeting voting by ballot will take place. The current secretary, one director and two non-board members appointed by the board in advance of the annual election will conduct by secret ballot the election process. The four individuals assigned will review, count, and report the results to the current President.

(J) All voters must sign in to vote, and may only deposit his/her vote. No proxy votes will be allowed. Mail in votes (signed) mailed to the PO box , postmarked 3 days prior to the annual meeting and delivered unopened to the secretary by the treasurer no later then the official start of the annual meeting voting time will be counted and will be part of the election process. The results of the voting will be announced at the end of the annual meeting.

(K) The President will give a detailed annual report at the annual meeting and the Treasurer will report a preview of year-end finances. A financial report to will be made available upon request and at open meetings..

(L) A duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors shall be one at which the majority of the members of the Board of Directors are present.

(M) A majority vote of those voting members present at such meetings shall govern except when otherwise especially provided.  A majority vote of those voting members present at such meetings shall govern except when bylaws dictate otherwise.

(N) Roberts Rules of order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings except where the same conflicts with the by-law’s of the association

(O) Notice of regular Board of Directors meetings shall be published in the Wakefield Item at least three (3) days prior to such meetings. The membership of the association shall have the right to be present and participate at any open Board of Directors meetings

Article V - Coaches

          (A) The Board of Directors shall advertise in the local paper for submission of
                 applicants for coaching positions. This notice shall be published by the first
                 meeting in January with applications due by the first meeting in February.

(B) The board or a committee assigned by the board will review, interview and recommend final coaching applicants.

(C) The board will select by a majority vote the final coaching selections.

(D) All coaches shall be responsible to the Board of Directors while under the direct supervision of the division director in regard to their conduct, coaching ability and , management of their team.

(E) A board member may not be a head coach on any Wakefield Youth skating association team.

(F) Any coach who is accused of any misconduct shall be called before the board of directors in a private session to discuss such accusations. Written notice of this meeting will be given to the coach 7 days prior to this meeting. After due consideration of the accusations and input from all board members any disciplinary action, including dismissal is subject to a 2/3 vote

(G) The misconduct or actions of any youth shall be dealt with immediately by the coach directly associated with the incident. The coach shall have the right to suspend the offending parties for the duration of the game, practice, or clinic session and the following game, practice, or clinic session at his /her discretion. If additional action is requested by the coach, a written report must be submitted to the age director for review by the Board. A 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors must be accomplished in order for further action to be taken.

Article VI - Membership

(A1) Membership shall be granted to all Wakefield youth skating association players, coaches, managers, parents and guardians of players.

(A2)Siblings of a current player not playing in the association are not automatic members of the association.

(B-1) Membership shall be open to all persons interested in the welfare of the association subject only to compliance with the provisions of these by-law’s.

(B-2) Other persons interested in becoming a member may register at any Board of Directors meeting. In order to vote at the annual meeting the interested person must register 1 year in advance of the annual meeting.

(C) All members of this association are strictly volunteer, non-salaried people not compensated in any way

(D) Only members in good standing as determined by the Board of Directors may:

1) Have the right and responsibility to hold Office, Directorship, 
or participate on any committees.
2) Propose policy matters, rules, and regulations that would enhance the 
objectives and purposes of this organization

3) Propose any suggestions that would benefit the management of the

4) Propose any names for coaching or assistant coaching positions that
they believe are competent and responsible individuals.

5) Propose local rules for the governing of the clinic or competitive teams.

6) Nominate and vote for the Board of Directors at the annual meeting.

(E)  Player members may not serve on the Board of Directors or vote but shall be entitled to all other membership rights.

(F.) Any member may receive a copy of the by-law’s upon request to the secretary.

Article VII - Financial Policy

(A) The Board of Directors shall decide all maters pertaining to the finances of the association, and it shall be the permanent policy to place all income in a common association treasury, directing the expenditure of same in such manner as will give no individual or team advantage over the others as to equipment, ice facilities, etc.

(B) The Treasurer of the association shall receive all income of the association and shall be empowered to sign all checks for payment of bills properly incurred by the Board of Directors.

(C) Bonding of the Treasurer and / or his assistants shall be designated by the Board of Directors. The expense of said bond will be borne by the association.

(D) A purchasing agent shall be responsible for the securing of all bids for purchases as shall be needed by the various teams and shall render all vouchers for payment to the Treasurer of the association.

(E) No solicitation or contribution of funds to individuals or teams shall be accepted without approval of the Board of Directors.

(F) The fiscal calendar will end April 30th.

Article VIII- Rules

(A) The official playing rules and regulations of "USA Hockey" shall be binding on this association where applicable.

(B) The local playing rules of this association shall be adopted by the Board of Directors.

Article IX Amendments

(A!) These by- laws or any section thereof may be amended or repealed by a 2/3 vote of the general membership in attendance, followed by a 2/3 vote of the board of directors in attendance. A special notice must be published in the Wakefield Daily Item announcing the meeting date of any by-law proposals. Said notice shall appear no more then 14 days or less then 10 days prior to the meeting.

Article X Standing Committees

The Board of Directors at their annual meeting shall appoint the following committees and agents:

(A) Purchasing agents:

1.) The purchasing agent shall be a member of the Board of Directors appointed the President and approved by the Board of Directors

2.) It shall be the duty of the purchasing agent to be responsible for all purchases and also have the duty of Procuring bids on all purchases that are necessary to maintain the association. The purchasing agent must always procure 2 bids and submit these bids with his receipt of purchase. The only time the purchasing will need official approval on a purchase is over $300.00 or when the total year to date purchases runs over $600.00

(B) Nominating Committee:

1.) The nominating committee shall consist of a minimum of two (2) members of the association and a member of the Board of Directors Who shall be a non-officer.

2.) It shall be the duty of this committee to submit a report with a suggested list of officers and directors of the association for the coming year to the secretary, who shall forward a copy of their report to each member as provided for in Article IV, Subsection A.

C)  The Board of Directors shall be empowered to provide for as many committees as they deem necessary to perform operations consistent with the objectives of the association.

Article XI Duties of Officers

(A1) The President shall supervise the associations affairs and activities, shall make an annual report to the general membership and shall be chairman of the Board of Directors presiding at all meetings. The President shall appoint an auditor to examine the association’s account annually.

(A2) The president may participate but may not vote on any standing committee. The President may also appoint a single board member to participate on the President’s behalf.

(B) The Vice President shall preside at the Board of Directors meetings in the absence of the President and will also work with the President on such affairs as membership, finances, public relations, publicity and team sponsorships.

(C) The secretary shall give notice of all regular and special meetings, shall keep a permanent record of the minutes of such meeting and take care of communications pertaining to the association. He / She shall be the custodian of all official records of the association, shall keep attendance and active membership lists.

(D) The treasurer shall issue notice of payments and be responsible for the collection thereof, submit notices of sponsors’ payments, keep the books of the organization, disburse funds at the direction of the Board of Directors, and shall report in detail at the annual meeting and at such other times as directed on the financial conditions of the association.

(E) The treasurer with the approval of the Board of Directors may appoint assistants to act as the treasurer of competitive teams and the treasurer of clinic. These assistant treasurers shall be responsible for the collection of monies of those programs and turn those collections and reports over to the treasurer.

Article XII Duties of Remaining Board Members

(A) The immediate past President shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors. His duties shall include advising the Board on matters concerning policy and administration. He shall enjoy al rights and privileges accorded other members of the Board of Directors

(B) The Instructional Mite, Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Junior "A", Midget, and Clinic Directors shall serve as members of the Board of Directors,

(C) Each Director will coordinate tryout clinic structure. The director shall insure an equal opportunity for each youth to make a team.

(D) The Director with the coaches, and coaching supervisor will develop tryout on ice drills / scrimmages that will insure a well planned tryout for all players. The director will review with the board the tryout plan before Implementation.

(E) The Director will have direct supervision over the filling of a spot on all teams within his/her division once team positions are announced. If a vacancy exist after tryouts it is the Directors responsibility to insure a fair placement. This may include a previous tryout, practice ice, or game play. If game play is used the player will be placed for a tryout on the lowest level team. The Director after review with the coaches will place the player on the team suited to the player’s ability. The director has the final decision on the player’s placement.

(F) The Director must report to the president who will inform the board of the decision on the player’s placement before the player is informed.

(G) All changes to teams must be submitted in writing to the board by the director.

ARTICLE XIII - Violation of By-laws and Policies

        (A)Any infractions of the stated bylaws and policies will be reviewed by the board and      action if deemed necessary will be taken.