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Banquet 2006-2007  (viewing #39 of 82)
Linda, Adam, and, Paul Giancola

Linda, Adam, and, Paul Giancola

« Prev  #33 of 82 Sitting: Barry Ramsdell, Jean Ann Nigro - District 10 , Delia Giuffre, Father Tony Penna - Boston College, Al Sabatelli- Learn to Skate Volunteer Standing: Dan McLaughlin Sr- Tier I Hockey, Dan Bertram - Boston College Varsity Hockey, and Dan McLaughlin Jr. - Tier I Hockey#34 of 82 WHS-Boys#35 of 82 WHS-Girls#36 of 82 WHS-Girls#37 of 82 John Ambrosnio, Chris Czarnota, Barry Ramsdell, Adam Giancola, Paul Giancola#38 of 82 Sandy, Chris, and Paul Czarnota#39 of 82 Linda, Adam, and, Paul Giancola#40 of 82 Bill MacKay, Maureen Leone, and Mike McCarthy#41 of 82 Andrew, Maureen, and Kyle Leone#42 of 82 Lots of nice stuff! Thanks sponsors!#43 of 82 Squirt 3 team#44 of 82 Bantam 1  Next »
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