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Banquet 2006-2007  (viewing #28 of 82)
Kim & Ben Coccoluto

Kim & Ben Coccoluto

« Prev  #22 of 82 Kirk Award Winner: Cory Jackson (Bill MacKay, Cory Jackson, and Mike Boyages)#23 of 82 Paula, Cory, and Rick Jackson#24 of 82 Giuffre Award Winner: Courtney Foley (Jack Foley, Delia Giuffre, and Jean Ann Nigro)#25 of 82 Jack Foley, Courtney Foley, Delia Giuffre, and Jean Ann Nigro#26 of 82 Courtney & Jack Foley#27 of 82 Gentile-Mite Winner: Ben Coccoluto (Mike Leary, Ben Coccoluto, and Jim Sullivan ()#28 of 82 Kim & Ben Coccoluto#29 of 82 Gentile-Squirt Winner: Robbie Mickolsz (Rich Brown, Robbie Mickolsz, and Jim Flynn)#30 of 82 Robin, Robbie, and Rob Mickolsz#31 of 82 Gentile-Peewee Winner: Nick Kane (Mike, Nick Kane, and Dave Gibbons)#32 of 82 Michelle, Nick, and Marty Kane#33 of 82 Sitting: Barry Ramsdell, Jean Ann Nigro - District 10 , Delia Giuffre, Father Tony Penna - Boston College, Al Sabatelli- Learn to Skate Volunteer Standing: Dan McLaughlin Sr- Tier I Hockey, Dan Bertram - Boston College Varsity Hockey, and Dan McLaughlin Jr. - Tier I Hockey  Next »
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