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Wakefield Youth SkatingWakefield Youth Skating
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Banquet 2006-2007  (viewing #8 of 82)
Grace: Sam Colangelo

Grace: Sam Colangelo

« Prev  #2 of 82 FR: Delia Giuffre, Nick Kane, Robbie Mickolsz, Adam Giancola, BR: Barry Ramsdell, Mike McCarthy, Courtney Foley, Bill MacKay, Maureen Leone, Cory Jackson, Chris Czarnota (missing Ben Coccoluto)#3 of 82 Courtney Foley , Mike Boyages, Cory Jackson#4 of 82 Courtney Foley , Cory Jackson#5 of 82 Adam Giancola, Chris Czarnota#6 of 82 Robbie Mickolsz, Nick Kane (missing Ben Coccoulto)#7 of 82 Banquet Coordinator: Sally Reilly#8 of 82 Grace: Sam Colangelo#9 of 82 Grace: Sam Colangelo#10 of 82 Grace: Sam Colangelo#11 of 82 Grace: Sam Colangelo#12 of 82 Master of Ceremonies: Mike McCarthy#13 of 82 Master of Ceremonies: Mike McCarthy  Next »
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